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We are Anna Medical College

We open numerous doors of immense opportunities for aspiring medical students through our extensive blend of structured lectures and research activities.

Study In Mauritius

Should I go to Mauritius for MBBS?
Is Anna Medical College right for me?

Yes, you are right to consider an accredited medical college in Mauritius. Anna Medical College is an established medical college in Mauritius for students who value personal attention and faculty support within a smaller, focused learning environment. Our five year MBBS program is registered with and recognised by Medical Council of Mauritius and World Health Organisation.

Anna Medical College prides itself on the strength and ambition of its students. So many future physicians come our way looking for something new; whether that's a unique learning environment built on support and a strong relationship with the faculty, a curriculum with an emphasis on clinical skills and service to patients, or just a true opportunity to live up to their potential.


Our Students

Anna Medical College students are inspired by science and committed to service. A common characteristic among Anna Medical College students is the altruistic desire to bring healthcare to communities in need. Our students researched the other medical schools and ultimately chose Anna Medical College for its collaborative environment and personal approach to education.



We are attached with Flacq Hospital, the government general hospital for teaching. Flacq Hospital is among the 5 national hospitals of the Government of Mauritius providing services to the community, whose historical background can be traced back to the year 1922.


Student life

AMCRC facilitates a smooth progression for medical students in their turning professionals; the key attractions being the most modern and elaborate labs, Wi-Fi throughout the academic area, interactive multimedia classrooms, Blackboard Learn™, clinical skills, and simulation labs, making it one of the most modern and expansive lab complexes in Mauritius.


Hostel Stay

The stay at AMCRC hostels is comfortable & healthy. Hostel availability is on a first-deposit, first-served basis; hence, students should apply promptly when the application process commences. It is mandatory that all students reside in one of the AMCRC hostels for their first 2 semesters unless given explicit permission at the institution’s sole discretion.

  • It's been an honor to study and graduate from Anna medical college!! The staff and faculty were excellent and helped us graduate with flying colors. Anna medical college was the main reason which helped me to crack FMGE exam in 1st attempt with a score of 230!!
    Dr. Nikhil Reddy
    (alumni of 2014) secured 230/ 300 and was ranked 2nd in the June 2019 FMGE session which had over 13,000 applicants trained world over
  • USMLE has been popular for the level of difficulty it sets for the various steps of examination it carries out.
    Dr. Sanjana Nagraj
    secured 258/ 300 making her one among the top scorers in the country
  • Education is a process of re-inventing self into a desirable human being. A doctor has to admire what he/she is becoming. I have discovered this emotion while achieving my way towards MBBS from AMC, Mauritius.
    AMC has highly experienced and supportive faculty who have trained and motivated us throughout our journey and helped us become a skilled doctor.
    Dr. Pooja Jadhav
    2014 Alumnus
  • I take pride in saying that we were taught by the finest professors from some of the prestigious Indian Universities. The most important thing is that they were always available, willing to provide additional help. It was a blessing to have had such personalized attention from so many willing teachers. I cant thank them enough for all that they have provided me with. I also owe so much to the doctors of Flacq district hospital and other peripheral facilities for introducing us to clinical practice and for the free VIP pass to enter operating rooms at odd hours & witness surgeons in action.
    Dr. Wincy Xavier
    2013 Alumnus
  • I recall my college with the fondest memories. Initially I entered its portal with apprehension, being far away from home, but my fears were easily put to rest with the intense training we received from professors who are pioneers in their respective fields. My interest in clinical specialization was piqued by the teaching and the equally rewarding clinical rotations. We were fortunate to get top notch medical education in an island as untouched and beautiful as Mauritius. Thank you, AMC, for preparing us to face the exciting world of medical practice with confidence.
    Dr. Lavanya Varier
    2014 Alumnus
  • Mauritius and Anna Medical College made me feel at home right from day 1. It's truly a wonderful country , very safe and scenic, the people are warm, friendly and welcoming. The academics at college are extremely compatible to the ones you will find in India , the faculties emphasize on the basics which has definitely helped with my exams and clinical practice back home. The administration listens to you always, right from the time of joining the college to getting a license in order to practice in my country , they ensured that the process was smooth and quick. Having spoken to many foreign medical graduates from other countries, I feel that this is the best experience you can get in terms of education , culture , climate and food.
    Dr. Karthik Pandarinathan
    2012 Alumnus
  • The four and half years that I had spent here were some of the best days of my life.
    To start with, AMC following the Indian syllabus is one of the greatest benefits, not to forget the comfort of studying in English.
    This especially helps in clearing FMGE with ease and coping with the peers here at India.
    We got the privilege of being taught by the most experienced doctors and the clinical exposure was pretty good as well.
    On a final note, from my personal experience, I loved my Undergraduate studies at Anna Medical College, Mauritius amidst the calmness of the beautiful tropical island, the scenic mountains, clear waters of the seas, the rainbows and the pleasant climate!
    Dr. Alice Paulraj
    2014 batch, alumni of Anna Medical College

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